Friday, 3 February 2012

2012 or 212 or Olympic Year or Whatever

Well we are now over a month into 2012 and so far so good, the world hasn't ended and as far as i know it won't end tomorrow either. Although apparently it is due to snow, which in England is the same thing as the apocalypse .

So whilst we are anticipating the snow and maybe your reading this whilst outside everything is a white misshaped statue and BMW's wag like fish out if water please punch anyone who mentions England grinding to a halt in the snow (especially anyone who references an apocalypse). After punching them, and when they wake up, politely point out that England does not have enough snow in a year to make major investment into large snow clearing/moving around a bit equipment worthwhile. It is only a slight inconvenience for a couple of days usually. We are not Denmark.

Anyway this blog is about the radio show and not my problem with whiners.

We kicked of on January 9th and were joined by Sarah from Kent Yogaworks who taught us all that with a little balance and moderation in your life you will feel better and be much much happier. Sarah runs numerous classes around Medway as well as organising retreats with varying focuses but ultimately to help you in your life.

Following Sarah we have had Odd Note, Joanna McGowan and Los Salvadores live in the studio check out our website to hear the shows! They are all brilliant! Well we only have good acts on our show!

Looks like we will now be broadcasting on FM in March which is brilliant! Check out the Radio Sunlight website for more info. They are still recruiting!

Sadly ol Grace has left the show for the meantime which is terrible news but Joe and Beth are doing a great job filling her high heeled shoes. that's it from me tonight as I have various videos and photo's to Edit!!



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Long time no Blog


Well where do I begin? Firstly an apology of sorts for not keeping this blog up. not sure who i am apolgising but sorry all the same.

Lets work our way back to where we left off and hope I don't miss any one!

Well last show 16th May was awesome! We were joined by Didi Bergman and Baz Kearns who chatted and played a brilliant set. You can see a video of one song or listen to the whole show again at our website.

As if being musicians isn'y enough they are both doing a turn at plays soon, Didi (As you Like it - William Shakespeare) and Baz (Private Lives - Noel Coward)  soon at The Medway Little Theatre.

Didi is a bit of a local legend and true Medway Lady. Well not like the "other" type of Medway Ladies we get hanging around new road sometimes but a real Medway Lady - honest, talented, intelligent, creative, humble and drunk.

We also chatted to Olly the lead singer of Van Susans on the phone ahead of their impending EP Launch. I've heard it, we've played now all you have to do is buy it! You won't regret it.

The previous show (9th May) we had Frau Pouch in the studio for a chat. We played songs form their EP and some other songs which they liked and inspired them.

If you missed it you can listen again but here are some words which I learnt the during the interview - Queef, Uniporn and Apronectomy.

To describe Frau Pouch is very difficult but i'll try - Dirty, Funny, Mental, Wonderful, Challenging, Disgusting, Beautiful and Unique. Check them out!!

We'll keep the blog up to date as there are some brilliant gigs, albums and EPs to discuss in the near future!!


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Van Susans!!


Well February 21st saw us back to full strength after the Valentine break and with no need to play horrible love songs or gushy generic professions of love it was back to business!!

News covered included the continuing breakout of rebellion in the Middle East and North Africa which is harrowing, shocking, intriguing and only softened by the silly name of Bahrains capital made famous by the muppets - Manama! Other hot topics of news included the Post Office using too many rubber bands and an Australian town changing its name form Speed to SpeedKills for a month as part of a safety campaign.

I ranted over 2 issues - Firstly local papers feeling the need to point out when a drink driver, burglar or flasher is a father as this somehow makes it worse. Are fathers suddenly not allowed to make mistakes?

Also the issue surrounding Prisoner voting was put to bed once and for all (for me anyway) by asking the question differently - Why are prisoners excused from their duty to vote? Some are worryingly apathetic towards this, some agree, but alarmingly some people think that our Prisons are over flowing with drug taking, child killing, drink driving, murderers and paedophiles who will use their vote to elect someone who will let all prisoners out and free to murder, rape and pillage before being awarded 5 bedroom mansions and ferraris for their trouble.

But the highlight of the show was the live set from Van Susans.

In fact I am sure by the December they will turn out to be a highlight of the year!

Their songs are beautifully crafted and precisely performed with superb lyrics with an easy to instantly fl in love with style! And they were all so damned good looking!!

Check out the video we made and let them know what you think on their Facebook page.

I really can't state how much we like this band cannot wait to see them live again. There new single Plans is out now and you can buy it here  or here  and watch the video made with their fans here! You will not be disappointed!

SO we move on upwards on onwards and look forward to next weeks show!!


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Wheels, Phil, Daisy and Rosco!


No Blog last week, Jake forgot, he was busy working on his nods of approval!

So to recap on January 31st we had a busy busy busy show.

We were very lucky to be joined by Phil Dillon and Daisy Parris ahead of their joint exhibition of art and photography. And when I say art I mean the good stuff. Daisy's pictures and objects are entirely unpretentious (like her), thoughtful (like her), very easy to admire (like her) and beautifully scattered around the walls of a gallery (like, well art). Alongside Phil's photographs which are not taken by someone who can just point a camera well or can use photoshop to good effect but by a man who IS a photographer and captures moods, scenes, thoughts and somehow a feeling of sound in his work. You only have until the 26th of February to see the exhibition so don't delay!

After they scarpered we crammed the ever so popular Wheels into the studio for a chat and a live performances. Now Wheels do have the prettiest bass player I have ever seen (OK bass players aren't meant to be and the competition is not hard) but to our eternal shame we had to keep Anna in the cupboard as they played! Check out the video and try and see the lesser spotted Bass Beauty! Wheels members are all articulate, friendly, interesting and engaging just like their music! It is hard to describe their sound so follow the link and find out for yourself. (you won't regret it).

On the Friday we had a "staff" outing to first the exhibition and then The Command House. (we were hoping to visit the exhibition gig at The Nags Head in between but due to a combination of alcohol and the cold weather the warm pull of the Command House Bar  kept us busy!) . We saw 4 great bands The Blissful Mop, Archie Wah Wahs, Gentlemen Duke and Theatre Royal. It was another great line up form Suburban kings and a night I'm sure many of you would of enjoyed!

So after that eventful week we had another guest in the Studio we were joined by Rosco Levee (pronounced Levy) from The Rosco Levee Band who played a small solo set and chatted about his experiences and ambitions. If you missed the show you can listen again soon and also watch a small video we made too. Rosco was in Jakes words "probably the best singer we have ever had in" and no doubt fully deserving of the Jake nod in the film!!

Some very good news we found out this week was the figures from the listen again section of our website. In the 4 days after the 31st January show over 70 individual people listened again! And from the following countries , UK (obviously) Ireland (family probably) France (i dunno) Russia (oh come on really?) USA (they probably didn't get it) and Colombia(???????). SO big thanks to all those spreading the word about our show!!!!

Next week we may or may not be joined by Dave from The Flowing, then the following week the Van Susans. More on them next week!

Exciting news for fans of The Medway City Status Bid (fans?) the very vocal Peter Cook will be joining us live in the Studio to discuss this as well as his new music! We have invited the council(city wannabes) into the studio too so watch this space for an update in the future!



Monday, 24 January 2011

Jan 24th

Hey everyone it's Grace here.  Yes I have sobered up thankyou.

I'm not that much of a lightweight it's just that I live in canterbury and can't face the drive to Gillingham in the dark and rain when I'm not that mentally steady!

So, a new week and all that.  I've gone and got Adele's new album 21 today (actually Mark boyf bought it for me thank you Mark boyf).  So, no doubt, I will be force feeding some tracks from there on the show tonight. 

We will also play some Tyrannosaurus Alan, a local Medway band, who I have been chatting to this week and should be coming to play live on the show in a few weeks time.

My weekly moan is that Theatre Royal and the ever lovely Archie Wah Wahs are playing in Chatham on Friday 4th Feb night (command house), at the same time as Lupen Crook play the Nags Head Rochester.  Would do we do about this?

These lot need to start communicating more.

So, listen in tonight for more fun and frolics and I promise I will try harder.

Laters potatas!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

January 17th - Jamilia Sooh


Right then, this is the first blog from Fizzers Radio Show although its not the first one we have created. The problem being that well I'm not really that good at working these things out let alone remembering pass words.

So what we intend is to take it in turns myself, Grace and Jake from the show reporting on the show's comings and goings and what plans we have for the future.

We were less one Grace this week as she was suffering the hangover from hell at 8pm still the day after a few gallons of G&T.

Things we discussed this week were parents lying about how much time their kids spend watching TV when producer Brandon told us that his 3 year old son can operate the remote control already! My girlfriend is 33 and she can't do that!

Also and as if we didn't know already Diet foods are quite bad at filling you up. Presumably if are getting filled up then your not dieting?  As many dieters will tell you Diet food is as useful as Jeremy Kyle.

Jake brought us the Gig guide which you can see at our website soon

And best of all this week we were lucky enough to be joined by new singer songwriter from Medway Jamilia Sooh. At the age of 13 she was given a guitar and subsequently taught herself how to play. If that is not impressive enough she then started writing some pretty nice songs too!!

Brought up in Jamacia until she was 7 you can see the passion of the music from her home burning in her eyes. Singing in churches form a young age has given her a well grounded foundation which should help her continue to perform for years to come!

And now only 15 she is planning on studying as a Lawyer at Oxford or Cambridge as a fall back!! How cool is that! The only thing I can fall back on is my arse!

If you want a copy of her EP then add her as friend on Facebook explaining you would like to receive a copy or she will assume you are just another Facebook weirdo!!

You can watch a video of Jamilia performing here

Our next confirmed guests are wheels and Phil Dillon on 31st January and The Van Susans on 21st February.

If you want to get your songs played then please send an mp3 to the show email

Next week Grace will be writing the Blog providing she's sobered up of course!